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Yamaha DTXtreme/DTX900 owners? Can't get the hi-hat to work!

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Yamaha DTXtreme/DTX900 owners? Can't get the hi-hat to work!

Postby windowlicker » Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:09 pm


I can't get the hi-hat to work using my DTX900 module and RHH135 hi-hat pad in Addictive Drums

I have done everything according to the manual, but I can't fix it. There is no difference between open and closed sounds, the sound on the edge when pedal is closed is the same as the sound on the edge when the pedal is open. The same thing for the bow sound.

Does anyone know a working DTXtreme/DTX map for Addictive Drums? If you have a Yamaha hi-hat working, would you share your map?

If not, does anyone have any tips at all? This is getting incredibly frustrating!

I have got the CC Tip and CC Shaft working, by clicking the Learn button for CC Tip and then hitting the bow zone while pedal is open, then clicking the Learn button for CC Shaft and doing the same for the edge zone. So now I have different sounds on the Tip and Shaft zones, but they are always CLOSED sounds, no matter if the pedal is pressed or not.
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Postby Tore XLN Audio » Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:43 pm

The module should send out different midi notes, depending on if the hi-hat is closed or open. You can check this easily by keeping an eye on the Midi Monitor in the bottom of the Map Window while hitting the hi-hat when it's open, and then when it's closed.

I suggest that you skip the CC stroketypes and use the regular ones (HiHat Closed and HiHat Open A-D) instead. Leave the hi-hat open, hit the [L] button next to a HiHat Open stroketype and then hit the hi-hat pad. Then do the same thing for the HiHat Closed stroketype. Does that work?

If not, please tell me a bit more about the different midi notes the module sends.
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