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New here - Need computer advice

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New here - Need computer advice

Postby spikeypig » Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:30 pm

Hey folks,
I'm going to be getting Addictive drums pretty soon to run as a live sound source for a tour. I'll be using a Ddrum acoustic kit padded out with Ddrum triggers, Field E-Cymbals and the Alesis trigger I/O.
I'll be hosting Addictive drums in Pro Tools LE 8 and using a Digigesign 002 as my audio interface.
Question is, what laptop to get? I have a budget of around $700 (I can spend more if needed but I don't want to).
I need something that's going to be reliable (no crashes mid set).
What would anyone recommend? Are there any known issues with certain operating systems, processors etc that I should be aware of?
I'm normally a Mac user but I'm considering PC, purely because getting a Mac with a 7200rpm drive and 4gb of ram with decent processing speed is the price of a small house!
btw. I'm going with a laptop for portability and will only have Addictive drums and Pro Tools LE 8 installed on the machine I buy.
Thanks in advance for any advice...
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