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Roland HD-1: Rockstar sound on a shoe string budget

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Roland HD-1: Rockstar sound on a shoe string budget

Postby Deofol » Sat Jul 30, 2011 6:27 am

I have not seen a lot of solid information on this topic so felt it was beneficial to share my experiences with the community. First off, I never expected this to work, much less work as well as it does. Your experiences may vary, but lets hope not, because it's fabulous.

My goal was to take a very inexpensive edrum kit and without much investment get access to a kit I could play live with amazing quality, diversity, and unprecievable latency.

The goods:

    Roland HD-1 eDrum kit {$599}
    Roland UM-One MIDI to USB (this is critical, ebay knockoffs will not work, too much latency, get this exact item) {$39.99}
    Asio4all {free software} google it
    SAVIHost stand alone Vsti Host 32 bit version {free software} google it
    Modern Laptop running Windows 7 64bit (Alienware M11x here with typical Realtek sound card, any core duo+ should suffice I would imagine)
    Radio Shack Ground Loop Isolator Model: 270-054 (Optional if your laptop does not create noise when bound to a mixer or amplifier) {$17.69}
    Addictive Drums {$249 (Although I found AD for $99 online, which I hope XLN continues because it will create a firestorm of demand)}.
If you are frugal, you can find some of these items used via the internet, and save even more.

All said, under $800 retail for a flexible kit that will surpass anything twice the cost, and for thousands less than the cost of the kits it replicates.

Making it all work
This was the part I found most lacking. Here is a step by step guide.

1. Acquire a HD-1 eDrum Kit, and install UM-One with driver.
2. Download and install;
*Addictive Drums (Demo if you are sceptical)
*Download SAVIHost 32Bit without keyboard (This is key: 64bit will not work yet)
3. Right Click the speaker icon in the task tray and choose “Playback Devices”, Disable the “Speakers” device shown. This is so that Asio can acquire access to the sound card resources.
4. Unzip SAVIHost and place the executable (SAVIHost.exe) in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VstPlugins folder, and rename it “Addictive Drums.exe”
5. Make sure your midi cable from the UM-One is hooked up to your HD-1, and plug in a pair of headphones into your laptop.
6. Double Click the “Addictive Drums.exe”. You should see the AD plugin loaded. After Authorization of AD;
*Choose “Devices, Midi” and select UM-One
*Choose “Devices, Wave”, and set the output port to ASIO, and the buffer to 240 samples.
*Choose “Devices, ASIO Control Panel...”, and set the ASIO Buffer size to 240.
7. Finally, select the ? in the upper right hand side of the AD plugin and choose “Map Window”.
*Look for a drop down in the upper left for “Map Preset” and choose your eDrum kit.
8. Enjoy

    (I plan to clean this up a little more later)
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