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Pleeese tell me we have this in AD or we will:)

Discuss models, features and anything else related to E-drums

Pleeese tell me we have this in AD or we will:)

Postby DocMidi657 » Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:19 pm

Hi Guys,

First I want to save that I have been using other companies drum sample products for a long while and have recently purchased AD as well as JAZZ sticks, Brushes and Funk add ons. The reason.. Your's FEEL the Best with Edrums and I've have them all. Thank You!! Thank You!!

My one problem though:
Is there a crossstick/rimshot combination articulation? When playing edrums I have a problem as I want to have the ability to play to play both articulations in a single song from the rim. By creating a patch that switches with velocity from side stick to rimshot where the changes happen at around a velocity of 90-95 this is easily done.

Is there any way currently to achieve this in AD and I may have missed it?

Thanks so much ...please know you have a great product!! This feature and the ability to edit the volume levels of single articulations would put this over the top!!
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Postby Tore XLN Audio » Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:31 pm

I'm afraid that it's not possible to do this in Addictive Drums. It might be possible to use some kind of third-party midi filter that customizes the incoming midi so that velocity 90-95 is translated to a different midi note, but I haven't used such software myself.
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Postby xavior » Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:34 am

You can likely do this from your e-drum kit (my TD-4 supports such a feature). If not, there is a 20$ (demo available) program that you can use to do this easily:


However, with some swapping and mixing around, you can probably achieve what you want using some of the free tools here:

http://freemusicsoftware.org/category/f ... ent-filter

What you want to use is "Note on velocity" with your rimshot note, replacing the low input and high input from a range of 0 - 90 with the note for cross-stick instead. I haven't done it with the free tools myself, but if I figure it out in the future I will explain things a little better :)
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