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PRESET PAKS - where did they go!!!

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PRESET PAKS - where did they go!!!

Postby sabbath99 » Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:31 pm

First off I noticed Addictive Drums webpage has changed a bit recently. Which is great but where did the downloads for all the preset paks??? I have all the ones available but I was looking forward to you guys adding more presets!!!

I think the presets are the best thing about Addictive Drums, especially if you play AD on a Roland Drum Kit and if your new to software. But I figured you guys would be adding more cool presets, like the METALLICA preset or the other custom presets??? I really hope Addictive Drums is still planning on releasing more presets for the AdPaks and future Paks.

And for future AdPAK ideas - I think a GRUNGE or ALTERNATIVE adpak would be cool or even a loud crisp NASHVILLE or COUNTRY KIT adpak. I just hope Addictive Drums is planning more and more products and presets, because it is simply the best software for E-Drummers and the easiest to use. So please give us some more. Thanks for all the hard work!!!
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