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hi-hat pad recommendations

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hi-hat pad recommendations

Postby S. Righteous » Thu Dec 22, 2011 6:42 am

I've used a number of different hi-hat pads and set ups with different Roland drum brains, and now I'm using a Roland SPD-30 octapad as a brain, and am wondering what others can recommend for a hi-hat pad. I'm currently using a CY-5, and have all the settings in the Octapad customized for my style of playing, but I find it's just not as dynamic as I need it to be with AD. Mainly I find that opening and closing the hi-hat varies too much in how it sounds. For a quarter note open hat, it's fine, but for a short burst of opening and closing, it sounds terrible. I'm not sure if this is AD or the pad set up.

The Roland VH series of hi-hat pads are extortionately priced, so I wonder if anyone who has used them with AD can comment on them.
I wonder if using the Octapd as a brain will limit the value of using a VH hi-hat set up anyway?

Certainly the hi-hat is the hardest of all e-drum elements to make responsive and realistic.
S. Righteous
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