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Alesis DM5 upgrade

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Alesis DM5 upgrade

Postby martcaster » Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:37 pm

I have the Alesis DM5 Pro Kit and have bought their dual zone pad for snare/rim shot and also a Roland dual zone, which has a much better response. Using the d/z pad (either) with the DM5 module is causing drop-outs from the snare signal, which doesn't happen with the single zone pad. I did some Googling/research into this and discovered there was a patch for the module's firmware which could be installed using Midi Ox. I downloaded both and had a stab at the installation. Trouble is there was no indication from the module that it had 'received' the sysex file, and there is no notable improvement in the response/dropout thing.
Has anyone had similar experience of loading a sysex file into DM5 (or anything else) and can offer some advice/tutorial to ensure the process is completed satisfactorily??
Thanks in advance.
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