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A Great Idea

Do you have any cool ideas for improvements of Addictive Drums or Addictive Keys?

Postby EvilDragon » Wed Dec 16, 2009 4:33 pm

I bet that has nothing to do with the streaming engine - it's most of all a GUI challenge - how to integrate more kitpieces without compromising the current interface? There are several solutions. One of them is multiple tabs: keep the current 12 slots, but enable switching between multiple sets of 12 slots, each of them being available at the same time, each could have its own output (as all current kitpiece slots can have as well). Just switching the tab enables you to edit 12 new slots. Clicking on a slot automatically scrolls to that channel strip in the mixer. Easy as pie.

Take a look at these images. Since slot numbers do not comform to any particular kitpiece type, you should be able to drag and move the mixer channel strips to move them at your will, and sort them appropriately. The overhead, room, bus and master outputs would always be available at the press of "MAST" button, or when you scroll to the end of the mixer with left-right buttons (which are on bottom right, below MAST button).

Adding a scrollbar to this (which would respond to mousewheel, of course) would make things even faster.

Now feast your eyes on these images. It sure is easier to have it this way, don't you think? BTW, I lost about 6 hours for these :P

Slots 1-12
Slots 13-24
Slots 25-32 (last section, plus Master)
This happens when you click on MAST
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Postby docguitarman » Wed Dec 16, 2009 8:59 pm

As for multiple instances. My answer is No!
First there is the extra logistical overhead of managing several instances, changing tuning etc etc
Second, some hobbyists aren't made of money -- some DAW software has limitations on number of instances of external plugins. I, for one, being a guitarist use a lot of external amp plugins for the guitar tracks.
One instance with one set of Midi tracks, selectable kit pieces is the way to go.... Software is suppose to make the job easy not difficult.

I would like the extra percussive slots too, more cymbals etc... currently I can do it with my DAW by creating separate tambourine tracks, etc. It is a lot of extra work, but...

I can spend my money for an AD upgrade or spend it elsewhere ....
I would rather spend it on a 1 window AD upgrade....
EvilDragon and AlienChild and I agree. One instance, 1 window....

That is my 2 cents. Peace
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Re: More Slots

Postby descalabro » Sun Jul 17, 2011 5:46 pm

ddelella wrote:I agree that it needs more slots but you can do double bass just fine as-is unless you want to kick both at the exact same time. I have never seen this done in a song intensionally so I don't know why you want that.

You might want to pan the 2 kicks differently.
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Postby jjpl2001 » Thu Jul 21, 2011 4:54 am

Double kick capability. First of all, IT IS NECESSARY! when one play a double kick drum you can hear a little difference between both kicks, and there is a little diference in the pan too, try this at Toontrack metalheads, play a fast double kick roll with both kick drums enabled, and then turn off one and map it to the other one, and HEAR THE DIFFERENCE!.

More kit pieces: In fact one can map the hole drum set to 2 or 3 instances as I do, but to configure a small thing in equalization becomes a nigthmare!!!, you need to do the same with the 3 instanses. Maybe it would be easier if they add a COPY/PASTE characteristic to the parameters (I think every one need to bring some parameters of old good sounding stuff we've made before in AD too).

Other thing!!! more kitpieces at the same instance is because equalization interaction of the sound, let me explaind this a little bit:
When you add some compression (and every one does this, dont go tell you dont) to add 2 instances to play 2 kickdrums and 5 toms disables the sound interaction between second kick and the rest of the drums at the first instanse (same goes to the fith tom, its sound interacts with second kick but it cant interact with the rest of the dum at first instance) so it produces a artificial sound, The other thing is to make thigs more easier and to get some processor stress.

Another thing needed is the capability of map two kit pieces to the same midi note (without that metal triggers are useless)!! PLEASE nothing of this is dark-matter science

COME ON!! the big gig is already done (the ADdrums itself) one night with a cup of coffee can bring some of these ideas to life!!!

The idea of multiple tabs is great, with separated outputs and the option to send them to a General output.

Another thing needed is the addition of 3 or 5 extra bus-tracks (maybe more!!) and more articulations (or better articulated) Hihat!
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Postby blacknet » Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:01 pm

My opinion about more slots ...
For my technical understanding, AD sounds so good, because all Kits a recorded in a nice room without any phase issues. If you want more Slots, then XLN must re-record all the kits with the new instruments to prevent that the room breaks (it’s my opinion). I don’t need more slots, because my real Drummer have only two hands and two feet :wink:
... and for perccusion I have Stylus RMX, GrooveAgent3, Meldaproductions “MDrummer”, and so on. The only thing, the included FX are not for me. I use multi output and mix with included FX and my UAD stuff.

Let the things how they are and release only more kits ...
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Postby jjpl2001 » Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:25 pm

Well, I have two arms and two legs too but I use 4 crash 2 china 3 splansh 5 toms 2 kicks, I dont play them all at the same time, instead I use somthing called Imagination to arrange the drums... as for example I need more slots to and More pieces from the same Adpack, as you know The original sound library has several cymbals and several toms and I use them in several instances to be able to build a similar kit that I use, and to use several instanses for the same kit pieces that is more sound destructive than add more slots.

I like the AD sounds too, they are really alive but... toontrack has something very very special called POSIBILITY, they dont cut your imagination!

If you dont need more slots... fine, but there is a lot of drummers with creative ideas that just go for toontrack stuff only for the capability to do what they want, and this company should know that and offer more flexibility to that beauty sounds
And men... the triggers!! different midinotes to kick and kick trigger????
I won't go for that software until they fix that PROBLEM
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Re: What???

Postby blacknet » Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:49 pm

jjpl2001 wrote:Well, I have two arms and two legs too but I use 4 crash 2 china 3 splansh 5 toms 2 kicks, I dont play them all at the same time, instead I use ...

My drummer on e-drums (only for record our songs) makes good grooves with AD. I like, if the things are simple and not overloaded, because I'm mainly a musican (and recording engineer). I would like hear what you play. Have you a example to listen you drumplay or any publication?
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Only this

Postby jjpl2001 » Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:10 pm

Just this, maybe not well ingenieered, and maybe Im not a genius musician but... Im able to do what I want to do.


PD: The edruming videos are very old the kit did grew up to 21 pieces \m/ and still Im able to do what I want to do without major limitations, that was the reason why with the time I dismissed AD software and started to use toontrack and im really sorry about I cant play my kit with my hole edrum :-([/url]
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Postby blacknet » Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:44 pm

Nice and thanx for the link! :)

But ... why you don’t choose Toontrack, BFD2 ord Steven Slate Drums? These are optimal for your style. I self have played 15 years metal and for this, I would choose one of these.

My problem with more slots ... DAWs, Computer, PlugIns, AD/DA interfaces, micros, musicans, rooms, HW ... all these things must be interaction for a good result. Therefore I found it’s better, all these separate components are “simpel”. Ok, I’m a musican, recording engineer, arranger, programmer, vocalist, mastering guy with a day job too ... :shifty:
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