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beats don't sound the same in reaper. help?

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beats don't sound the same in reaper. help?

Postby xxjohnboy » Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:02 am

Hi, I am using the demo version of AD with reaper. When I listen to the beats it sound different once I have copied the beat into reaper. In particular if I want to put 1-4 pop rock fill 37 into reaper it sounds close but it is very noticeably missing the nice effect on the double snare hit. It becomes a very dry lifeless fill when played in reaper. I am new to DAUs and to AD so I am sorry if this is a silly question. I tried looking on forums for an answer but don't really know what to look. Is this something that can be solved easily in AD or is it a reaper problem?

Thankyou for your help
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Postby Tore XLN Audio » Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:36 am

It sounds like the Sync button on the BEATS page is activated. Please try deactivating it.

The Sync button plays and loops the currently selected beat in Addictive Drums every time you press play in your host software (on top of any midi already on the track). This is for previewing purposes, so you should deactivate it when you have dragged and dropped grooves into the host. If you don't, you could experience phase problems that can make the sound dull and unfocused.

Did that help? If not, please tell me more about the problem. What do you mean by "the nice effect on the double snare hit"?
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