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The Ground.mp3 from ddummer

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The Ground.mp3 from ddummer

Postby ddummer » Mon Dec 19, 2011 6:23 pm

It took 12 years .. but this time we found ourselves in a place in life where
things worked out.. so here is the first demo with "the one".. she who knows what goes around inside my mind.

Hope you like it!

//Daniel :)


The Ground

music/lyrics/programming/back vocals: Daniel Lind , vocals: Mimmi



I was made, of manikin parts.
Joined together.... but there´s a missing piece at the heart.

A silent storm goes through my head.... the sound of a voice instead...


I turn away in a state of pain,
I don´t know how to deal with this.

Don´t wanna stay in this shade of grey,
where these words are haunting me..


"A life should stay on the ground",
I never believed it, cause I´m floating around.
My feet never touch the ground,
I know I can help it , but I never look down.

The fate want to see me in vain.
But all of these dreams, they will help me remain.
I´m close to the edge all the time.
But I know I wont loose it, cause you are my ground.


I can feel... inside I know it too well.
You´re on the outside, the cage ... a part of the shell.

A second body around the place...
where this moving heart would fail....
...when you turn off the faith......


Dreaming..... so many beautiful lights below.
Some of them leave the ground, but they won´t see me.....
Cause I only believe at night, in real life the faith is cold...
And the light I carry around is so un-real.

I can feel... inside I know it too well.
You´re on the outside, the cage ... a part of the shell.

All of the times when I felt this cold,
waiting to be un-afraid...

So many things that was left un-told,
when you where the one.. to be saved.

But in the end you made it clear.
The truth... that I never found.

...that I´m still on the ground...

..I´m still on the ground.
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