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XLN Audio Support

Addictive Drums 1 interface is blank (High Sierra & Mojave)

We stopped supporting Addictive Drums 1 back in 2014 when we released Addictive Drums 2 and we are happy that it has continued to work for this long. Unfortunately Addictive Drums 1 stopped working in macOS High Sierra. When that macOS update was released we sent out e-mails to our AD1 users. In case you didn't receive it, here's the statement:

AD1 will no longer work correctly after upgrading to macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 or higher.
(The plugin loads and plays back audio, but the interface is blank.)

What's the status of AD1?

AD1 is still available to install for registered users, but it is not actively maintained by us. As time moves on the risk increases that more things will break. External forces such as: New OS, DAW, and development tools versions make it hard or sometimes impossible to maintain legacy products. This means that it is very likely that this issue will not be fixed.

Currently we have an offer for all AD1 users that haven't upgraded yet: 50% off on all Addictive Drums 2 starter offers. All you need to do is to log-in to your user account and go to this page to view the offers:

Will my old AD1 kits work after upgrading?

Please go to the page - it includes an FAQ with detailed answers to this and other questions.

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