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XLN Audio Support


How to load XLN Audio plug-ins


First of all you need to make sure that Cakewalk is scanning your XLN Audio plug-in folder:

  1. Load up the XLN Online Installer
  2. Go to the Installation Paths window
  3. Make a note of the VST64 plug-in path
  4. Launch Cakewalk, go into the Edit menu and select Preferences...
  5. Go to File -> VST Settings
  6. Under "VST Scan Paths" click Add...
  7. Navigate to the path from step 3 and click OK
  8. Now you're ready to load the plug-in

Instrument plug-ins (Addictive Drums, Addictive Keys, XO):

  1. Click Insert in the top menu and select Soft Synth -> VST2 and pick the instrument you want to load
  2. Make sure Simple Instrument Track is ticked in the Soft Synth Options window and click OK
  3. Double click the keyboard icon on the Soft Synth channel you just created to open up the plug-in interface

Effect plug-ins (DS-10, RC-20, Addictive Trigger):

  1. Go to the track that you want to add the effect plug-in
  2. Click the ⏬ button to expand the track controls
  3. Next to FX, click the [+] button -> Insert Audio FX and click the plug-in you want to load

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