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Separate Outputs in Pro Tools

We get a few requests about how to set up multiple outs in Pro Tools 12 using Addictive Drums 2. So we thought that we could create this quick guide which we hope will be useful to those of you who are thinking of doing this.

On a new Session create a stereo Instrument Track in PT12. Next add AD2 to that channel as a multichannel plugin. Then in the Kit Page of AD2 you will need to mark the Kitpieces that you wish to send the audio from to a separate out channel. Click on the small downward pointing arrows and select the separate out you want.

Pro Tools 12 Separate Outputs #1

Next create the same number of Audio Tracks in PT12 as you have selected in AD2. So if you choose 5 Kitpieces then you will need 5 Audio Tracks. Note that individual Kitpieces will sit on a Mono track whereas OH, ROOM & BUS will sit on Stereo tracks. Assign the individual kitpieces as inputs to each track in the Mix View of PT12.

Pro Tools 12 Separate Outputs #2

Check that everything is as it should be by switching on the TrackInput Monitor on each track and turning on Play in AD2. You should now see and hear the individual levels for each kitpiece respond in PT12. You can go on to solo these or add effects as you would wish.

Pro Tools 12 Separate Outputs #3

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