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XLN Audio Support

I get an error message when trying to install

  • Please check if you have an anti-virus and/or ad-blocking program running in the background. Those types of programs have been known to prevent the Online Installer from doing its job. Try either adding the Online Installer as a trusted program or try disabling the anti-virus program temporarily while running the Online Installer.

  • If you get a file mismatch error it usually indicates problems with the internet connection. The most common cause is an unstable Internet connection, in which case retrying the download should solve the issue.

  • Make sure that you have the Controlled Folder Access option in Windows Defender disabled.

  • If you have your Documents folder in Windows on a network drive there might be permission issues happening and we recommend having it on your local system drive.

  • If you are on macOS then keep in mind that you will need to copy the Online Installer into the applications folder and launch it from there.

  • If you are running macOS then when you first start the Online Installer it prompts you to enter the username and password for your macOS user. This is to enable the Online Installer to download and install files on your computer. When you have filled in your macOS user password, the OI user interface will show and you will be prompted to log-in with your user account credentials.

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