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Internet on audio computers

The internet has changed almost every aspect of our lives, and definitely the world of music - how it is consumed, delivered and also how it is created. At this point, most of us can't even fathom a world without it.

At XLN Audio we want to take advantage of the possibilities it offers, and try to come up with great functionality that really adds benefits to our product lines.

Here are some new web-connected technologies we introduced in 2012:

Installation: our Online Installer system connects to your account and downloads and installs all your XLN products in one go. No more manufacturing or shipping of DVDs. Faster, smarter, greener.

MyCloud: with Addictive Drums 2 and Addictive Keys we include cloud storage of all your presets and memos. One benefit is backup (get a new computer, connect, and all your user stuff is re-created), another is that it enables you to access your user files across all your computers (record a memo at home, continue working on it in the studio).

Why would being online be bad? There are lots of opinions about having an internet connection on your music computer, many old truths circulating that are not necessarily true any more (if they ever were). We want to take this opportunity to give you our thoughts. When talking to customers about this subject, these two reasons why they stay offline regularly show up:

1. Network activity causes glitches in audio
There is at least some truth to this. It can happen, under some circumstances, depending on your particular hardware and operating system. It does not happen for most users. If you're one of the unlucky few, you can always pull the plug when internet is not needed for updates etc. And to clarify, our installation system only requires a connection when actually updating, not after installation is complete. (Note that the MyCloud services will not work offline)

2. Having an internet connection exposes you to viruses
This one probably causes the most heated debate! Many claim the risks are hugely exaggerated if you just use common sense (don't download strange files from unknown places, don't go to shady web sites), while the fine makers of Anti-Virus software claim you are at risk by just looking at your computer. As usual, the truth is probably somewhere in between. First, viruses are more prevalent on Windows computers, but that may slowly be changing as Apple gains more market share. In any case, there are antivirus solutions out there who should keep you safe, many of them free (like AVG or Microsoft's own Security Essentials). Btw, many people say to stay away from Norton's products - if you're having issues with that, try something else. Finally, a router with a firewall is always good, as is password protected Wifi.

XLN Audio going online, and not looking back!
A survey we performed shows that about 95% of our users are permanently online or have the possibility to be so temporarily. The 'online' trend is definitely going in one direction only. In the survey, the top reasons for being online was:

  1. Use services like dropbox to share and backup files
  2. Email mp3s
  3. Keep your software updated with minimal fuss
  4. Inspiration: Look up songs, art, videos

As a company, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to support two very different paths of development; online and offline. We decided to focus on the online path, because we truly believe it is the way of the future and because it provides great benefits for a vast majority of our users.

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