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XLN Audio Support

My product is suddenly not authorized - "Wrong Computer ID" or "Instrument in trial mode"

If a product suddenly goes to trial mode, it means that something in your computer triggered a change in the Computer ID (perhaps a software or hardware update). This in turn deauthorizes your product. This is easy to fix:

  • Login to your user account
  • Go to the My Account section and select Computers from the left side menu
  • Remove your current computer
  • Run the XLN Online Installer and re-register your computer
  • Now the software should be properly authorized.

If it's still not working (and you're on a Windows computer) then it is possible that you are running your DAW in compatibility mode, which interferes with the authorization. Right-click on the DAW icon > Properties > Compatibility tab. Then deactivate Compatibility mode if activated and try again. Do the same for the Online Installer.

Here's a video that describes the process:

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