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XLN Audio Support

RC-20 Retro Color 1.1.0 update (April 27, 2020)


  • Windows: Support for HiDPI monitors on Windows (in hosts that support it). RC-20 Retro Color will look sharper than ever!

  • Helptips: Hover on any control to learn more about it. (The helptip text is located in the bottom of the plugin). RC-20 Help tip

  • Preset name generator: When you save a preset, click the dices to get a name generated for you. RC-20 Preset Name Generator

  • Top right Menu button: RC-20 Top Right Menu

  • Support for Splice Rent-to-Own


  • UI: The content of disabled modules now look “faded”, instead of just disappearing. RC-20 UI

  • UI: Filter controls (“Focus” and master “Cut”) now dim at default, as a subtle way of visualizing the fact that they are bypassed. RC-20 UI

  • UI: Wobble, Distort, Digital: Mix amount is reflected in the module’s visualization by controlling the opacity.
    RC-20 UI

  • macOS: Users on later versions of macOS won’t have to restart their computers for RC-20 Retro Color to show up in their hosts anymore.

  • Windows: In some very rare situations, opening the manual could cause RC-20 Retro Color to stop responding.

  • Third party acknowledgements text is replaced with a link to

  • Updated manual

  • Misc tweaks and improvements introduction of Splice Rent-to-Own

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