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Separate Outputs - Overview

Addictive Drums includes all the tools you need to get a great drum sound for your tracks, but there are some cases in which your drum mixing can benefit from using the separate outputs method. This means sending the individual channels in Addictive Drums to separate tracks in your DAW. Separate outputs lets you:

  • Use a third-party effect on a single drum or channel from Addictive Drums. Perhaps you want to apply your favorite compressor to only the snare, use a cool flanger effect on the Overhead channel during part of your song, or use another third-party effect on only part of the drum kit.
  • Apply the same reverb to your drums that you have already used for other tracks, like vocals and guitar
  • Use one of the channels from Addictive Drums, for instance the Kick, as a side chain source in your arrangement
  • Export the different channels from Addictive Drums to separate audio files so that the drums can be mixed by someone who does not own Addictive Drums
  • Send the different channels from Addictive Drums, via an audio interface with multiple outputs into a mixing desk - for instance when using an e-drum kit to trigger Addictive Drums in a live situation

It’s worth noting that when you route a channel from Addictive Drums to a separate channel in your DAW, it will no longer go through the Master channel in Addictive Drums. This means that it’s not possible to get the exact same sound as you had before the routing (unless there are no effects on the Master channel at all).

How to use separate outputs

Here's a guide that guides you through routing the separate channels in Addictive Drums to separate tracks in all supported hosts:
How to use separate outputs with Addictive Drums 2 PDF

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