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Separate Outputs in Ableton Live

If you want to set up separate outs using AD2 in Live 9. Here are some steps to follow.

Open up an instance of AD2 onto a MIDI track in Live and then go to the Kit Page in AD2. Next click on the small arrow next to each Kitpiece or track in AD2 that you want a Separate Out for. Then create the same number of audio tracks as you need for each Separate Out.

Live Separate Outputs #1

On each new Audio Track that you created in Live you will need to assign the Kitpiece/channel from AD2 to it. On each track in Live go to where it says Audio From and then in the drop down menu just below it select Addictive Drums 2. In the next drop down select the kitpiece, Kick for example. You have now routed sound from AD2 for the kick drum to the first audio channel you created in Live. Do the same for each channel you want as a separate out.

Live Separate Outputs #2

Then play a beat in AD2 and set the monitor to In on the various audio tracks in Live to check everything is working as you want. You should see the various corresponding levels in Live move as the Kitpieces/channels in AD2.

Live Separate Outputs #3

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