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XLN Audio Support

Separate Outputs in Cubase

If you wish to have separate outs for AD2 running inside Cubase 8 and later here are the steps to follow. First set up AD2 onto an instrument track in Cubase. Then click on the Kit Page in AD2. By clicking upon the small arrow beside each Kit Piece fader switch on and then select how you want to route you separate out for that kitpiece.

Cubase Separate Output #1

Next you will need to set up tracks in Cubase for your separate outs to be assigned to. In the Inspector view for the AD2 track you will see Addictive Drums 2 listed with a small arrow coming out of a box. This allows you to Activate Outputs. Clicking on this will reveal the outputs available. Please select those that you wish to have and you should see new tracks created in Cubase in the mix console.

Cubase Separate Output #2

Play a MIDI beat in AD2 and check to see that the corresponding kitpiece levels are shown in Cubase in the new outs you have created.

Cubase Separate Output #3

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