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XLN Audio Support

Separate Outputs in Sonar / Cakewalk

First you will need to create an instance of AD2 as an instrument in Sonar. When you do this make sure to select All Synth Audio Outputs Mono. This will route the audio outputs of AD2 to a separate track in Sonar. Please note that the Overhead, Room and Bus channels of AD2 will be routed to 2 separate mono channels in Sonar.

Sonar Separate Outputs #1

In AD2 you will now need to assign each of the Kitpieces that you wish to have as separate outs by clicking on the small arrow at the bottom of each kitpiece fader. You can assign these pre or post the fader or master.

To audition your kitpieces separately you can mute the Overhead, Room, Bus and Master tracks in AD2. You should now just hear the kitpieces you selected as multiple outs. In our example we have only selected Kick, Snare and High Hat. Play a MIDI beat in AD2 to audition these.

Sonar Separate Outputs #2

You are now free to process each separate out kitpiece as you would wish.

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