What is XLN Cloud Sync and how does it work?

XLN Cloud Sync allows you to share presets and memos over multiple systems. Here’s how it works:

If you are using Addictive Drums (or any other XLN Audio product) while connected to the Internet, all presets saved will be uploaded instantly to your XLN account. When working on more than one computer all your presets and memos are automatically kept in sync; do a fresh install on a new computer and the first time you start Addictive Drums all your old presets will instantly become available. Cloud Sync keeps track of different versions of the presets you’ve saved and even stores deleted presets and memos so you can restore them at any time.

You can also share presets through Cloud Sync. In the Preset Browser in the plug-in/standalone there’s a Share button and it’s also available in your account on the web site. Clicking the Share button will render a unique link for your preset; copy the link and send it to a friend – by vising the link your friend can add the preset to his/her own XLN user account. The next time your friend starts Addictive Drums the preset will automatically be downloaded and available in the Preset Browser.