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XLN Audio Support

XO - 1.0.1. updates (April 17th 2019)

The Search & Filter Panel has been improved, the Sample Folders list now has "Select All/Select None" buttons and shows the full path on mouse hover, Filter Reset has been moved to the title bar.

Improved startup time (we removed the file system check that could take a long time if you had a huge amount of samples. The check will be done when opening "Sample Folders" instead.)

Added a section for "XO - Getting Started" pdf in the Welcome Splash

All text search boxes are now black when empty and white when "active", i.e. filtering Improved look of Zoom In/Out buttons in Space

Improved mouse interaction with Sample Start/End in the Sample Edit Window.

Fixed issues with certain characters in folder names that could cause scanning to fail

Fixed a bug where all Similarity Lists were refreshed when entering the Sample Folders window (should only refresh if there were any changes)

Fixed a bug where the MIDI beat visualization didn't always update to the correct colors when switching samples

Fixed a small drawing glitch in some window/panel backgrounds

Fixed a problem showing the wrong dialog when the trial has expired.

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