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XLN Audio Support

XO - 1.0.2. updates (May 22nd 2019)

New in XO 1.0.2

  • UI Scaling (from 50% —> 200%) on macOS
  • Message dialog when opening Sample Folders (if there are more than 20000 samples in the space): "Checking Sample Folders, this may take a while - Continue or Cancel?"

Fixed/Changed in XO 1.0.2

  • Sample accurate automation on Pitch and Mute/Solo
  • Improved scanning of user samples (better handling of weird characters in file names and certain unusual file format variants)
  • Improved shortening of long paths in message dialogs and Sample Folders window
  • Improved performance of "Similarity List" generation
  • In some cases a few parameters (i.e.Tone, FX) sounded wrong at first playback after loading a preset
  • The samples in the Space got a weird look when moving the window between 1x and 2x (high PPI / Retina) monitors
  • Other misc small fixes

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