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XLN Audio Support

XO - 1.1.2 update (December 10, 2019)


  • Introducing XO Lite

  • Drop a folder to use it as a filter

Drop filter

  • If you drop a single folder, that is in XO already, its path will be used a search text. It's sort of a quick solution to able to search in folders until we develop proper folder search support.

  • If you drop a new folder(s) they will still be added to XO.

  • We have also improved messaging when you perform "unsupported" file/folder drops.

  • Playlists: Added "stats" and a [Reset Filters] button for text search and XLN/User filter Playlist stats


  • Hot swap/Playground mode: [Cancel] reverts the state as expected now. Previously it changed ALL sample slots unexpectedly in some situations.
  • FX1/2 (reverb/delay) were reset when changing Playlist selection.
  • Export: Better error handling when rendering wavs
  • UI Scaling setting is saved and restored, per instance, with your host projects now
  • Master pitch shouldn't affect playback of samples in Space.
  • Some user samples filenames were stripped
  • Misc tweaks, improvements and optimizations

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