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XLN Audio Support

XO - 1.1.3 update (February 05, 2020)


  • Playlists: XLN/User sections are collapsible

Playlist collapse

  • Beat Combiner: “beat circles” now dims selection if sequence is changed manually

Beat combiner circles

  • Export: Rendering stems now take mute groups into consideration in a more expected way
  • Export: MIDI now exports to channel 1 instead of channel 2
  • Added and improved some help tips (the help texts in the bottom of the UI)
  • Fixed graphical glitches and crash bugs when running without OpenGL in certain hosts on recent versions of macOS
  • Fixed a bug where adding very large sample folders would choke the scanning dialog
  • Fixed broken file handling for files dated after 2038.
  • Fixed a bug with accessing network drives on Windows when they are not mapped to a drive letter.
  • Misc tweaks, improvements and optimizations

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