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XLN Audio Support

XO - 1.1 update (November 19th, 2019)

New in XO 1.1:

  • Playlists PlaylistThe preset browser has been entirely redesigned to use what we call Playlists. You can group presets into playlists, mark presets as favorites, drag/drop presets to add them to playlists and favorites, etc.

  • 100+ new presets They are all nicely collected in the "New in XO 1.1" playlist. Go check them out!

  • Additional file type support In addition to .wav and .aif support, XO can now read samples in the formats .mp3, .flac, .wma and .ogg.

  • Stem Export Stem Export The export panel now allows exporting stems for each slot, one by one or all at once. Perfect if you want to mix your beat your daw or if you only want the hi-hat groove etc.

  • Live file system monitor Live file system monitor The system we use for monitoring the file system for new samples have been much improved, and now immediately tell you if you've added or removed samples and you need a fresh rescan. The performance of adding samples is also improved.


  • Unified “sample dots” behaviour across XO sample dots drag You should be able to interact with a sample dot in the same way, no matter if the dot is in the XO Space or in a similarity list:

    • Dragging the mouse in the similarity list, shortlist and sample combiner now plays the samples just like in the space.

    • You can export a sample from the similarity list, short list and sample combiner by holding down ALT (macOS) or CTRL (Windows) while dragging, just like in Space. Export from similarity list

    • The space, the similarity list and shortlist dots show feedback when you click them. Dot Feedback

  • Random preset/playlist name generator. Random name generator

  • The "Beat as wav" rendered waveform in the export panel now gets colored based on the beat and the loaded samples. Beat as wav

  • Sample folders window now show the number of samples in each loaded sample folder.

  • Confirmation and information modal windows (i.e. the windows that come up and are like "are you sure you want to do X?") have been unified across the app to have a consistent look and styling of buttons. You can now also use enter or escape on the keyboard to confirm or cancel.

  • Various smaller enhancements, performance improvements and bugfixes.

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