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XLN Audio Support

XO - 1.2.0 updates (June 16, 2020)


  • Infinite similarity lists. Or, “to the end of space” really. They used to have a limit of 15 samples Infinite similarity list The similarity list in the Space page is now significantly wider The dots on the beginning and end are faded out (to hint that you can drag/step left/right) You can hold down [Shift] to jump +/- 5 steps instead of one. This is true for the arrow keys on your keyboard as well as all "prev / next" buttons in the UI; in the similarity list, the left panel, and on the kit "blob" bottom left. Shift jumps There's now a "go back to beginning" button. Go Back Button Refresh Similarity List” has a new keyboard shortcut: Mac: [Cmd] + [Left Arrow] / Windows: [Ctrl] + [Left Arrow] (This used to be [Shift] + [Left Arrow], but we've remapped that to jump 5 steps instead)


  • Optimizations Filtering responsiveness is much improved. Filtering now happens "live" while you're dragging the sliders around (This also applies to the “Live Filter” mode). Live filters Much lower memory usage for large sample databases Faster scanning for very large databases Start-up time has been improved
  • Windows: Support for HiDPI monitors on Windows (in hosts that support it). XO will look sharper than ever!
  • The prev/next buttons in the "left panel" are now only visible on hover over slot. We've also added a "lock" button there (also exclusively visible on hover) for easier access of locking samples. Prev Next hover
  • Export: Tempo BPM is now included in the filename when you export beat/stems.
  • Sample Folders: Added button in window to open a sample folder in Finder/Explorer
  • Samples on disabled domains no longer show up in space or the filter count
  • Pro Tools: Fixed issues with “MIDI sync to host” in sample rates above 48khz
  • Misc tweaks and improvements

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