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XLN Audio Support

XO - OpenGL Support

XO uses OpenGL hardware acceleration to improve performance and provide plug-in scaling, but it does not require it. If you do not have at least OpenGL version 3.2, you might experience crashes during start-up. If this is the case then you can disable OpenGL acceleration by going to your XO user folder:

Win - C:\Users\your_windows_username\Documents\XO\Settings\

macOS - HD/Users/your_osx_username/Library/Application Support/XO/Settings/ (go to the Finder menu > Go, hold down alt/option and your user library folder should appear)

Change the file named yes_opengl.txt to no_opengl.txt, if there is no such file create one called no_opengl.txt.

Then launch XO and it should run without OpenGL.

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