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Midi-Problem with AD

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Midi-Problem with AD

Postby heyray » Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:07 pm

Hello everybody,

I'm trying a few days with AD-Demo-Version because I will find out if AD is the product I'm searching for to buy the full version.
I am using Sampitude 10.
The loading of AD is no problem.
If AD is loaded I can trigger it from my keyboard and also other Midi-Equipment, everything seems fine.
But when I record a Drumtrack as Midi-Data finally I only can trigger AD from my keyboard, triggering my other Midi-Equipment is not possible, not even if I close AD. The only thing that helps then is a restart of my system.
Is there any Midi-Thru option in AD I cannot find??
Can anybody help? Ist this a problem of the Demo-Version?

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Postby Tore XLN Audio » Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:16 pm

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I understand. Addictive Drums does not in any way affect the possibility to trigger other virtual instruments with midi. You should be able to load another instrument on a second track, record enable that track and play it without any problems.
Tore XLN Audio
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Postby heyray » Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:55 pm

OK, perhaps I chose wrong words in my School-English :) .
I know AD is not able to trigger other instruments.
I try to explain again:
I have a master keyboard.
Keyboard MIDI-Out is connected to the MIDI-In on my computer.
The MIDI-Out of my computer is connected to the MIDI-In of a sound-expander (Roland SonicCell). I do this because the Roland SonicCell has no MIDI-Thru.
For recording I use Samplitude.
I load AD as VSTI in Samplitude.
In the track-parameters I choose MIDI-VSTI-record and so on.
For example I set AD for recieve to MIDI-Channel 10 and I mute MIDI-Channel 10 on the Roland SonicCell. Last I activate Monitoring for example on track 1 where I want to record a AD-Midi-track.
Now if I choose MIDI-Channel 10 on my master keybord I can play on it the samples of AD.
When I choose another MIDI-Ch on my master keyboard I can play / trigger samples of my Roland SonicCell.
Everything perfect.

Now I enable RECORD in Track 1 (master kayboard is set to MIDI-Ch. 10) and record a Drum-MIDI-Take.

And now comes the problem:
After the drums-take is recorded, I want to record for example on Track 2 a bass figure.
So I enable record and MIDI on track 2, set the MIDI-Ch. 1 for ex.
But anything I do, after I have recorded the MIDI-Track 1 (AD), I can't get a MIDI-In signal to my Roland SonicCell.
I think I tried almost anything what seems logical to me.
It seems as if AD would swallow now the MIDI-Signals :)
Not even shutting down AD helps.
The only thing tha helps is to restart my computer.

So, before I didn't have find and solve this problem, buying AD-FullVersion is not very attractive for me :?

I hope that this explaining is understandable, I know it sounds very crazy.
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Postby Tore XLN Audio » Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:24 am

I don't know what the problem is, but I can say for sure that it has nothing to do with Addictive Drums. The problem must be with the midi routing - either in the host, in the keyboard or in the SonicCell.
Tore XLN Audio
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