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Your data

XLN Audio's goal is to provide the best possible creative tools. In pursuing that mission, we carefully handle your personal information to provide a more relevant experience. We know that It's your data, and we want you to be aware that by using any XLN Audio products, you are always in control of your data.

Usage Data:

We collect, track and handle product usage data. The purpose is simple - understanding how our products are being used and creating a more relevant user experience. We also rely on Crash data to quickly identify and fix bugs.

Personal data:

We also handle your personal information to provide a more relevant user and customer experience, for instance, when sending newsletters. We store your data related to your product license(s) and purchase(s) securely in your XLN Audio account.

Your choice

In your XLN Audio account, you can opt-out of the XLN Audio newsletter if you wish. You are also free to delete your XLN Audio account completely; however, a valid license is required to run XLN Audio products.

Regarding your Usage & Crash data, you can choose to anonymize the data being collected or turn it off completely. You'll find the privacy setting under any XLN Plugins Settings Option. If you choose to anonymize or turn off usage data, it will be applied to all XLN Products installed on that computer.


XLN Audio is compliant with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation. For more information, see

No, we don't sell or trade any user nor personal data or info whatsoever.

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