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Ballad Grooves MIDI Pak

Light the candles, slip into something more comfortable and start producing heart breaking classics in no time with the Ballad Grooves MIDI Pak! Included are 120 MIDI files divided between 15 different Ballad Grooves in different tempos and feels, all recorded live by a drummer. Grooves in both 4/4 and 6/8 are included.

The grooves come with seven different variations, like "hihat", "ride", "sidestick", "tambourine specials". You will be able to create your own complete ballad drumtracks in a couple of minutes and of course you can use the grooves with any drums or presets in Addictive Drums.

Note: Tambourines are included in the Retro, INDIE and Modern Jazz - Brushes ADpaks. If you do not have any of these ADpaks the tambourine variations will be played with a cowbell sound instead.

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