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Peace Love and Drums

Retro features three classic Ludwig drum sets from the 60s and 70s with cymbals from Paiste and Sabian. The drums were recorded in Studios 301 Stockholm in a big recording room with a rich ambience. Retro also includes cowbells, tambourines and hand claps. Retro is great for a vintage sound with presets inspired by classic songs. But you can also use the modern presets for an up-to-date sound full of character. Or turn to the RetroMental soundbank for a chance to hear the Ludwig kits like you've never heard them before. With the Retro ADpak you get over 1300 midi loops and 70 presets that will get you groovin' in Motown, banging your head to booming heavy Rock, and tunin' out to psychedelic Rock'n'Roll!


Audio Demos


Black Oyster Vintage Kit

A groovy Ringo Starr kit that takes you back to the days of The Beatles. This kit works perfectly for anything from Motown to psychedelic Pop. Medium sizes and coated heads give you a geuine 60s pop sound.

  • Kick: Ludwig Black Oyster Vintage 20x16"
  • Snare: Ludwig Vintage 14x5"
  • Toms: Ludwig Black Oyster Vintage 12", 13", 16"


Blue Oyster Vintage Kit

Size does matter! This kit mimics the setup by Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. The big sizes and coated heads tuned in a very characteristic way, give you a clear and thunderous drum sound!

  • Kick: Ludwig Blue Oyster Vintage 22x16", 26x14"
  • Snare: Ludwig Supraphonic 402 14x5", 14x6.5"
  • Toms: Ludwig Blue Oyster Vintage 13", 14", 16", 18"


Vistalite Kit

The acrylic see-through Vistalite drums became popular in the early 70s for their great looks, fast attack and clear sustain. Legend Keith Moon used to play live sets with an extra water-filled Vistalite floor tom used as a fish bowl!

  • Kick: Ludwig Vistalite 22x16", 24x16"
  • Snare: Ludwig Vistalite 14x5"
  • Toms: Ludwig Vistalite 12", 13", 14", 16"


Ludwig Black Oyster

Kit 1
Kick: Ludwig Black Oyster 20"x 16"
Snare: Ludwig Vintage 14"x 5"
Toms: 3 x Ludwig Black Oyster 12X9", 13X10", 16X16"

Ludwig Blue Oyster

Kit 2
Kick: Ludwig Blue Oyster 26"x 14"
Snare: Ludwig Supraphonic 402 14"x 6,5"
Toms: 4 x Ludwig Blue Oyster 13X9", 14X10", 16X16", 18X18"

Ludwig Vistalite

Kit 3
Kick: Ludwig Vistalite 22"x 16
Snare: Ludwig Vistalite 14"x 5"
Toms: 4 x Ludwig Vistalite 12X9", 13X10", 14X12", 16X16"



Paiste 2002 Hihat 15"
+ Above with Ching-Ring
Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hihat 14"
+ Above with Ching-Ring


Paiste 2002 Crash 16"
Paiste 2002 Crash 18"
Sabian Artisan Light Vault Crash 20"
Sabian HH Thin Crash 19"
Paiste 2002 Crash 20"


Meinl Byzance Dark Ride 21"
Paiste 2002 Ride 24"



Xtras 1
Ludwig Blue Oyster Vintage 22"x 16"
Ludwig Vistalite 24"x 16
Ludwig Supraphonic 402 14x 5"


Xtras 2
Cowbell, Meinl Large Black
Cowbell, Meinl Steel Bell Large
Cowbell, Meinl Steel Bell Medium HH
Tambourine, Meinl Single Row Brass
Tambourine, Ludwig Double Row Brass
Tambourine, Meinl Double Row Steel





Kits recorded at: Studios 301, Stockholm
Recording Engineer: Niklas Möller
Session Drummer: Jakob Möller
MIDI Rhythms, beats and grooves: Jakob Möller
Product Concept: the AD team at XLN Audio
Project Management: Lars Erlandsson & Niklas Möller
Programming: Martin Eklund & Magnus Lidström
GUI-Graphics by Bitplant: www.bitplant.com
DVD-box cover design: Niklas Möller
Photographs: Michael Ljunggren
Beta Test Management: Markus Höglund
Audio Editing: Tore Jarlo
Big Thanks to: Urban Näsvall at Svensk Musik, Mickes MusikerService, Micke Slaov, Per Åström, Ian at Studios 301, Golden Age Music, Fitzpatrick, DLX Music, Johan Sandén, Oskar Rahm, Snaebjörn Eyjólfsson, Michael Johnsson, Anders Asplund, Henrik Andersson, Hellstone Music.