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Make your Jazz cut straight to the heart!

Get instant access to production styles typical for Modern Jazz. Tune the kit up or down, go fat or thin, stay really close or spread out with lots of ambience. Control each mic separately and combine them for your perfect sound! Over 300 live recorded grooves and fills are included in a large range of tempos, styles and different lengths for natural variation. Use them for inspiration or build complete tracks in minutes.


Audio Demos


Premier Generation-X drum kit

This ADpak features a beautiful Premier Gen-X drum set and a mint condition Ludwig Acrolite snare drum famous for its rich sound and tone. The drums have been tuned up slightly for a Modern Jazz sound. With a setup of some of the finest cymbals from Meinl, Paiste and Sabian this kit gives you everything you need for your jazz drum tracks.


Reelsweep technology

With brushes it's all about feeling and nuances. RealSweep allows you to make accents in the sweeps without interupting the sweep motion. You can also stop the sweep at any time for pauses. This gives you extremely realistic circle motions and an irresistible groove! In the included rhythms you'll find a section featuring realistic brush sweep grooves putting the RealSweep technology to good use!


Kit pieces

Kitpiece info

Kick: Premier Gen-X 18x14" Soft Beater
Snare: Ludwig Acrolite 14x5"
Toms: Premier Gen-X 10x8", 12x8", 14x14", 16x16"
HiHat: Sabian HHX Groove Hats 14"
Ride: Meinl Byzance Medium 21"
Crash: Meinl Byzance 18"
Crash: Paiste Mellow 18"
Crash: Sabian HHXtreme 19"
Tambourine: Meinl Single Chrome



Recorded at: Studios 301, Stockholm.
Recording engineer: Niklas Möller
Session drummer and Midi grooves: Jakob Möller
Product concept: the AD team at XLN Audio
Programming and image editing: Martin Eklund
Audio editing: Lars Erlandsson and Tore Jarlo
Packaging design: Niklas Möller
Photos: Michael Ljunggren
Big thanks to: Urban Näsvall at Svensk Musik, Mickes MusikerService, Rickard at Backline Sthlm, Ian at Studios 301, Golden Age Music, Fitzpatrick, DLX Music, Hellstone Music, Johan Sandén, Oskar Rahm, Max Martin & Tom Talomaa, Jay, Bruce and the other testers, Colin Tennant at Premier.