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The Complete Drum Production Studio

Addictive Drums™ is one of the most powerful and popular drum softwares in the world and can be heard on countless hit songs and albums.
The unique architecture, fast loading times and flexibility makes it the first choice for many musicians and music producers.
Three pristine drum kits, 100+ producer presets and thousands of MIDI rhythms are included. Load a complete drum kit with mixer settings and insert effects – with one click!
Choose from the thousands of beats and fills played by professional drummers, drag and drop the beats into your DAW host and build a drum track in minutes!
Full E-drum support makes it a breeze to use Addictive Drums with an electronic drum kit.

Addictive Drums is an expandable product giving you the choice to build a library of sounds and beats to match your own production style - add more kits and presets with ADPAKs™, add more beats, fills and grooves with MIDIPAKs™, or just one piece at the time with KITPIECE PAKs™. Create your own unique drum sound by mixing and matching drum kits, beats and kit pieces and applying professional effects.

Addictive Drums - Get Addicted!

Audio Demos


Drum Samples

Drum samples from the best drum kit brands available, recorded in a studio with great acoustics, with a multi-mic setup, stored in a multichannel format.

Production Tools

Mixer, Insert Effects, Reverbs and the know-how of sound engineers and producers.

Beats & Fills

Grooves, Beats and Fills recorded by great drummers in different styles, tempos and feels.


Tama Starclassic

Sonor Designer

DW Collectors Series


Top quality samples

Addictive Drums features high quality drums and cymbals from the leading brands recorded in professional studios using classic microphones and preamps.

Tweak your sound with the built-in mixer and effects

Addictive Drums comes with a set of high quality built-in effects and a powerful mixer giving you all tools you need to shape the sound. All channels have their own equalizer, compressor and distortion module and there's also an effect send with dual reverbs.


Microphone positioning

On the kick and snare drum you can adjust the microphone balance. The kick has one microphone on the front head and one aimed at the beater. On the snare there's one microphone under the snare and one over.

Snare buzz adjustment

Hitting the kick or toms will cause the snare to give off a buzzing sound. Add more buzz for a dirtier sound or reduce it to get a more controlled sound.

Room microphone distance

The room microphones are used to record the natural reverb of the recording studio. Adjust the distance to alter the delay between the room microphones and the close individual microphones on the kit.


Multiple outputs

Do you want to process the drums with your own gear?
By using multiple outputs you get complete control over the sound. Each channel in Addictive Drums can be directly routed to a channel in your music production software. This allows you to use your favorite compressor on your favorite drums.



Addictive Drums Kit Page


Addictive Drums Edit Page


Addictive Drums FX Page


Addictive Drums Beats Page

Map Preset

Addictive Drums E-drum Map Page

Addictive Drums system requirements

Addictive Drums works in most major hosts (Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools and more) and operating systems (Windows and OS X). It also works as a standalone application.
For more details, check out System Requirements.

Compatible E-Drum models with Addictive Drums

Addictive Drums includes Map Presets for these brands and models:

Roland Yamaha Alesis 2box
HD-1 DTXPLORER DM5 Drumit Five

Compatibility with other models

If your kit / model is not in the list above, there is still a very big chance that Addictive Drums will work for your kit. All E-drum kits that can send MIDI data are compatible with Addictive Drums. You can start from a preset that is similar to your setup, and go from there.

List may change over time

More models and kits may be added over time as we make more Map Presets and our users contribute with their own Map Presets.