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Give Life Back To The Beat

The 1970s were a golden era for rock, disco, funk and just about any style that relied on a solid backbeat. The drums were dry, fat and crisp—and it was good!

The name of the game was separation and sonic control so drum kits were modified with materials like paper towels, newspapers, and blankets to achieve that classic sound. You can hear it on great albums like Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours or Neil Young’s Harvest. Drum sounds continued to evolve and by the late 70s when disco ruled the airwaves, drums had a thickness and punchiness that had never been heard before (Donna Summer, ABBA, Bee Gees and Chic albums, for example).

Today, there is a revival of that 70s sound by chart-topping contemporary artists like Daft Punk, Miike Snow and Justice. And with our Vintage Dry ADpak, you too can have those glorious drum sounds!



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Vintage Dry is recorded at the INGRID studio in Stockholm. INGRID is a studio, label, film company and music collective based in Stockholm. Home to artists including Miike Snow, Andrew Wyatt, Amason and Lykke Li. Check out their releases, cool videos and short films!

INGRID | The studios | Vimeo

The Studio

The Vintage Dry ADpak was recorded at INGRID studio in Stockholm. This studio has existed under different names since 1969 and gained acclaim after ABBA recorded their first album there.

INGRID is a studio, label, film company and music collective. The studio is run by Björn Yttling (Peter, Bjorn & John), Nille Perned (Miike Snow, Wannadies, Lykke Li) and Pontus Winnberg (a.k.a. Avant from Bloodshy & Avant – hit songwriters for Britney Spears, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez). INGRID is home to artists including Miike Snow, Andrew Wyatt, Amason and Lykke Li.

The INGRID studio is renowned for its authentic 70s sound. All of the gear predates 1979 and most of the decor remains unchanged from the studio’s opening. To create Vintage Dry, we teamed up with INGRID’s in-house producer/technician Nille Perned to get the unmistakable sound. We’re thrilled with the results and are sure they will breathe life into your tracks!

The Recording

We began by modifying the studio’s 1968 Ludwig Silver Sparkle kit. We tuned and dampened the individual drums using authentic 70s methods: The kick was stuffed with a pillow and a large sheet of felt. Newspaper was taped to the snare heads and more felt sheets were pinned to the toms.

The 20" Ludwig kick and the Supraphonic 400 snare really captured the early seventies sound. For a harder late-70s disco sound, we substituted the Ludwig kick and snare with a Sonor Phonic 22” kick and 14x6” snare. These provide added low end, less mids and a brighter top end.

Typical 70s drum mixes only used close and overhead mics—room mics were not commonly used. However, to provide maximum flexibility, we include a stereo room channel that you can blend in to taste (an MS stereo mic setup run through two API 525 compressors).

To record the kit, we only used microphones from the 1960-70s (Coles, Neumann, Sennheiser and Bang & Olufsen) with the preamps from the studio’s vintage API console.


The Features

The Vintage Dry ADpak features a 1968 Ludwig Silver Sparkle kit with era-appropriate Zildjian and Sabian cymbals. To provide a punchier disco sound, we’ve also included a Sonor Phonic kick and snare.

Special Features

  • Two additional included kit pieces for a late 70s disco thump
    • Sonor Phonic 22x16" Kick
    • Sonor Phonic 14x6.5" Snare
  • Hand Claps from 2 or 4 people
  • Finger snaps from 4 people
  • Lap slaps from 4 people
  • Room channel includes a stereo MS recording run through two API 525 compressors. Perfect for that "glue" effect.


Presets & Beats

The included presets offer a flashback to the golden era of the seventies as well as contemporary sounds. Fits any style or genre in need of a drum sound that is dry, fat, separated and crisp. 

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Kit Pieces


Ludwig Silver Sparkle 20x16"
Sonor Phonic 22x16"


Ludwig Supraphonic 400 14x5"
Sonor Phonic 14x6.5"


Zildjian K 15"


Ludwig Silver Sparkle:
12x8", 13x9", 16x16" (High Tuned), 16x16" (Low Tuned)


Crash: Zildjian Thin Crash 18"
Crash: Zildjian K Dark Medium Thin 19"
Crash: Sabian HH Extra Thin 22"
Ride: Sabian Signature Hot Ride 21"


Hands (Clap, Snap & Lap)


System Requirements

Vintage Dry ADpak requires Addictive Drums version 1.5.6 (RTAS 1.5.2c) or later. This ADpak and the AD update is only available through the Online Installer. (xlnaudio.com/install) OS X 10.5 or later is required for Mac users.


Recorded at: INGRID Studio, Stockholm
Producer: Nille Perned
Production Assistant: Axel Algmark
Session Drummer: Jörgen "Jugglo" Wall
Presets By: The XLN Team & Nille Perned
Content Concept & Design Lead: Andreas Mood
Graphic Design: Staffan Gustafsson and Peder Bergstrand
Photographs: Mattias "Dirren" Förnell
Sound Design: Kim Lindberger
MIDI Edit: Joachim Ekermann
Web Design: Staffan Gustafsson
Project Management: Andreas Mood
Promotion: Andreas Mood, Staffan Gustafsson & Leo Der Stepanians
Audio Demos: Kungen & Hertigen, One Touch Edit & Friends, The XLN Team

Video Credits

Recorded at: INGRID Studio, Stockholm
Director & Post Production: Peder Bergstrand
Producer: Andreas Mood
Camera: Jonny Von Wallström
Music by: Kungen & Hertigen
Sound Edit: Joachim Ekermann

Special Thanks

Everyone at INGRID, Mellqvist Café, Leia the XLN dog, Max Martin and Tom Talomaa at Maratone.