Black Oyster
Addictive Drums 2 Expansion

Black Oyster

The Sound of 60s Pop

  • Authentic early '60s Ludwig Black Oyster Kit
  • Warm 3-ply medium tom shells with coated heads for resonance
  • Great for that early '60s pop sound, Motown, or psychedelic rock

Audio demos

  • Soundtrade Studios
  • Soundtrade Studios
  • Soundtrade Studios
The studio

Soundtrade Studios


Recorded clean and clear in the large room at Soundtrade Studios Studio 301 in Stockholm, famed for its sheer size and great acoustics, with a range of additional presets which can be tweaked to get this kit sounding exactly how you like.

Enhance the '60s vibe using Addictive Drums' post production features; making the drums mono, panning them all the way to one side and putting the percussion on the other, EQ the reverb, the sky's the limit.

Black Oyster

Vintage Kit - Ludwig Black Oyster

Very few drum kits can be said to have changed the history of music, but in 1964, when the freshly arrived Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, with Ringo playing a Ludwig Black Oyster Pearl Drum set, future garage bands across america pricked up their ears, saved up their dollars, and Ludwig was soon having to run 3 shifts a day to keep up with production.

This authentic vintage kit sounds even better today, the shells having lost all of their water content, and been topped off with a full set of coated heads, giving extra resonance for that authentic early '60s pop sound. This ADpak is versatile enough to sit perfectly in the pocket when applied to Motown and later '60s Psychedelic Rock.

Kit details

  • Black Oyster Vintage
    Ludwig Black Oyster Vintage 20x16"
  • Vintage
    Ludwig Vintage 14x5"
  • 2002 Sound Edge
    Paiste 2002 Sound Edge 14"
  • 2002 Sound Edge
    Paiste 2002 Sound Edge 14"
  • Double Brass
    Ludwig Double Brass
  • Steel Bell Medium HH
    Meinl Steel Bell Medium HH
  • Vintage Black Oyster
    Ludwig Vintage Black Oyster 12x9"
  • Vintage Black Oyster
    Ludwig Vintage Black Oyster 13x10"
  • Vintage Black Oyster
    Ludwig Vintage Black Oyster 16x16"
  • 2002
    Paiste 2002 18"
  • 2002
    Paiste 2002 16"
  • 2002 Medium
    Paiste 2002 Medium 20"
  • Byzance Dark
    Meinl Byzance Dark 21"
  • Clap - 4 people
    Clap - 4 people
  • 20x16" Ludwig Black Oyster Vintage
  • 14x5" Ludwig Vintage
  • 12" Ludwig Black Oyster Vintage
  • 13" Ludwig Black Oyster Vintage
  • 16" Ludwig Black Oyster Vintage
  • 14" Paiste 2002 Hihat
  • 14" Paiste 2002 Hihat with ching-ring
  • 16" Paiste 2002 Crash
  • 18" Paiste 2002 Crash
  • 20" Paiste Medium Crash
  • 21" Meinl Byzance Dark Ride
  • Ludwig Double Brass Tambourine
  • Meinl Steel Bell Medium HH Cowbell