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Fairfax Vol. 2
Addictive Drums 2 Expansion

Fairfax Vol. 2

Warm, Punchy, Old-School American Drums

  • Seasoned, well-rounded drums that sit well in any mix
  • A versatile kit for rock, folk, indie, and anything else you want to throw it at
  • Recorded through vintage gear for unmistakable warmth
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Audio demos

  • Fairfax Recordings
  • Fairfax Recordings
  • Fairfax Recordings
The studio

Fairfax Recordings

Los Angeles

If you've seen the film about it, you'll know there's more to Sound City than hard rock. This studio has a subtler side too. The live room might look a little shabby, but its particular sonic mojo was built from years and years of great ears and happy accidents, rather than expensive sound treatments. Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Elton John, to name but a few have all managed to capture audio magic in here over the years and now, so have we. Beat by beat, through irreplaceable vintage mics, on a beautiful drum kit, through a '60s Altec desk, all so you can have it as your very own plaything. You're welcome.

Fairfax Vol. 2

Vintage drum kit - Gretsch "Round Badge"

Big hair and tight jeans are all well and good, but for this ADpak we wanted to lean into the warmer, folkier, dare-we-say mellower side of the Sound City live room. To deliver this we found a 1960's three-ply Gretsch "Round Badge" kit in near mint condition. The combination of maple and gum wood in the shells gives the kit a warm and punchy sound with plenty of rich dark character. Matched with two great vintage Ludwig snares you end up with a very versatile kit that just pops out of your production.

Kit details

  • Round Badge
    Gretsch Round Badge 22x14"
  • Black Beauty
    Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6.5"
  • 20's Brass
    Ludwig 20's Brass 14x5"
  • Iveson's Selection
    Iveson's Selection 16"
  • Round Badge (Hi)
    Gretsch Round Badge (Hi) 13x9"
  • Round Badge (Lo)
    Gretsch Round Badge (Lo) 13x9"
  • Round Badge (Hi)
    Gretsch Round Badge (Hi) 16x16"
  • Round Badge (Lo)
    Gretsch Round Badge (Lo) 16x16"
  • Iveson's Selection Thin
    Iveson's Selection Thin 20"
  • Iveson's Selection
    Iveson's Selection 21"
  • Iveson's Selection Dark
    Iveson's Selection Dark 24"
  • Iveson's Selection Bright
    Iveson's Selection Bright 24"
  • Tom Round Badge Shell Hit
    Gretsch Tom Round Badge Shell Hit
  • Wood Stud to Floor
    Wood Stud to Floor
  • 22x14" Gretsch Round Badge
  • 14x6.5" Ludwig Black Beauty
  • 14x5" Ludwig 20's Two-Piece Brass
  • 13x9" Gretsch Round Badge (low tuned)
  • 13x9" Gretsch Round Badge (high tuned)
  • 16x16" Gretsch Round Badge (low tuned)
  • 16x16" Gretsch Round Badge (high tuned)
  • 16" Iveson's Selection Hihat
  • 20" Iveson's Selection Thin Crash
  • 21" Iveson's Selection Crash
  • 24" Iveson's Selection Dark Crash
  • 24" Iveson's Selection Bright Ride
  • Gretsch Round Badge Tom Shell Hit
  • 2x4" Wood