Studio Pop
Addictive Drums 2 Expansion

Studio Pop

Instant Pop Rock Drums

  • Beautifully recorded drums that sit comfortably in any mix
  • Keep the beat in key with 5 tuneable toms
  • Production ready presets, ultimate customizability

Audio demos

  • Decibel Studios
  • Decibel Studios
  • Decibel Studios
The studio

Decibel Studios


We wanted to make sure that with just a few clicks, our users could add world class drums to their productions, and have full control over them, almost as if they'd been at the recording session themselves. To begin with, we carefully hand selected each kit, piece by piece, to get just the right sound. Then we found just the right space to record each kit. A studio with the right mix of acoustics, gear, drummer and engineers to coax the best out of it, make it sing, and capture its essence.

Every kit was meticulously recorded with a variety of strokes sampled for each piece. Snares were recorded from above, and below. Kicks from the front, and from the rear near the beater. The sound coming back from the live room was recorded separately on stereo mics. All these signals are combined in the software to give you amazingly real live-sounding drums. If you want to hear these drums at their very best, the ADpak comes with a host of presets configured for specific drum sounds, or you can take full control and control every aspect of the individual drums. Dial up the room noise for some stadium rock epicness. Tune the toms to vibe with your keys. Turn up the overheads, add distortion, or reverb, change the attack...the possibilities are literally endless.

Studio Pop

Custom Kit - Sonor Designer

For a modern sound, we've gone all counter intuitive and used the oldest drum company we could find. Sonor knows a thing or two about drum kits, after all they‘ve been making them since 1875. By the mid 1990s they'd perfected their art in the form of the tight, customizable, punchy sounding Designer Series kit featuring kick, snare, and no less than five toms for when you really want to get your Phil Collins on. We teamed it up with 14" Sabian AAX Studio Hi Hats, two rides, three splashes, a crash, and a cowbell. It's like having a world-class drummer in your DAW, ready to bash out midi beats with pop perfection.

Kit details

  • Designer
    Sonor Designer 24x18"
  • Designer
    Sonor Designer 14x5"
  • AAX Studio Hats
    Sabian AAX Studio Hats 14"
  • Designer
    Sonor Designer 10x9"
  • Designer
    Sonor Designer 12x10"
  • Designer
    Sonor Designer 13x11"
  • Designer
    Sonor Designer 14x16"
  • Designer
    Sonor Designer 16x16"
  • AAX Studio Crash
    Sabian AAX Studio Crash 17"
  • AAX Studio Crash
    Sabian AAX Studio Crash 16"
  • AAXplosion Crash
    Sabian AAXplosion Crash 18"
  • AAX Splash
    Sabian AAX Splash 10"
  • HHX Groove Ride
    Sabian HHX Groove Ride 21"
  • HHX Manhattan Jazz Ride
    Sabian HHX Manhattan Jazz Ride 20"
  • Rock
    Latin Percussion Rock
  • 24x18" Sonor Designer
  • 14x5" Sonor Designer
  • 10x9" Sonor Designer
  • 12x10" Sonor Designer
  • 13x11" Sonor Designer
  • 14x16" Sonor Designer
  • 16x16" Sonor Designer
  • 14" Sabian AAX Studio
  • 20" Sabian HHX Manhattan Jazz
  • 21" Sabian HHX Groove
  • 16" Sabian AAX Studio
  • 17" Sabian AAX Studio
  • 18" Sabian AAXplosion
  • 10" Sabian AAX
  • LP Rock Cowbell