United Heavy

United Heavy

Hard-hitting drums for heavy music

  • Hard rocking drum sounds to cut through any wall of guitars
  • A uniquely tough-sounding snare drum made out of actual Zildjian cymbal alloy
  • All recorded in one of the most sought-after drum rooms in the world

Audio demos

  • United Recording, Studio B
  • United Recording, Studio B
  • United Recording, Studio B
The studio

United Recording, Studio B

Los Angeles

To pay this beautiful drum kit the respect it deserved, we took it to Los Angeles, California, to one of the most celebrated, and sought after recording rooms in the world. Studio B at United Recording (previously Ocean Way Recording), built by recording legend Bill Putnam in 1958 and changed very little acoustically since, has turned out hit after hit ever since. From Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Were Made for Walking", to Radiohead's "Hail to the Thief" to Green Day's "American Idiot", whatever you put in this room sounds just right. When you put the Pork Pie kit in the hands of legendary drum technician Mike Fasano, pair it with a mouth watering selection of vintage mics, feed it all through a world class desk, and record what comes out is pure HEAVINESS!

United Heavy

Handmade drum kit - Pork Pie USA Custom

In 1987 Bill Detamor thought he'd have a go at drum-making as a hobby...and a legendary sound was born. Over the last few decades, Pork Pie Percussion has grown into a proper business, but Bill's incredible attention to detail is still evident in every handmade drum, and this USA Custom Kit is no exception.

This kit has punching power to batter through any wall of guitars, no matter how hard they're rocking, with Zildjian cymbals to crash through the top layers. It even comes with a unique snare drum made out of Zildjian Cymbal alloy. It doesn't get much more ROCK than that, wait should that be Metal? Anyway, you get the idea. These drums sound tough!

Kit details

  • Custom
    Pork Pie Custom 22x18"
  • Custom
    Pork Pie Custom 24x18"
  • Bell Brass
    Pork Pie Bell Brass 14x6.5"
  • Alloy (Nickel & Copper)
    Zildjian Alloy (Nickel & Copper) 14x5"
  • Quick Beat
    Zildjian Quick Beat 14"
  • Custom
    Pork Pie Custom 10x8"
  • Custom
    Pork Pie Custom 13x10"
  • Custom
    Pork Pie Custom 16x14"
  • Custom
    Pork Pie Custom 18x16"
  • Armand Medium Thin
    Zildjian Armand Medium Thin 18"
  • A Custom Rezo
    Zildjian A Custom Rezo 19"
  • Ping Ride
    Zildjian Ping Ride 22"
  • Oriental Classic China
    Zildjian Oriental Classic China 18"
  • Crasher
  • 22x18" Pork Pie USA Custom
  • 24x18" Pork Pie USA Custom
  • 14x6.5" Pork Pie Bell Brass
  • 14x5" Zildjian Alloy (N&C)
  • 10x8" Pork Pie USA Custom
  • 13x10" Pork Pie USA Custom
  • 16x14" Pork Pie USA Custom
  • 18x16" Pork Pie USA Custom
  • 14" Zildjian Quick Beat Hihat
  • 18" Zildjian Armand Medium Thin Crash
  • 19" Zildjian A Custom Rezo Crash
  • 18" Zildjian Oriental Classic China
  • 22" Zildjian Ping Ride
  • Custom Crasher