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Explore the features in Addictive Drums 2 and learn how to elevate your drum production

Create otherworldly kicks and snares

Stack and layer your kick and snare with other kit pieces to create your dream sound.

Addictive Drums 2 layer stacking

Compare and evaluate with Snapshots

Use the nifty Snapshot feature to quickly A/B test which settings fit your mix the best.

Addictive Drums 2 Snapshot

Get complete control with separate outputs

Get unlimited creative control of your drum mix with 18 separate outputs to your DAW, and add your secret sauce of favorite effects and processing.

Addictive Drums 2 Separate Outputs

Transform your beat in seconds

Reinvent your beat and change dynamics - without having to manually edit the MIDI. Quickly add a human feel to timing, tweak velocity and accents, reassign stroke type per kit piece, and change the playback speed and bar length.

Addictive Drums 2 transform your beat

Level up your E-drums

Addictive Drums 2 plays great with any e-drum kit. Unlock dynamics and sound quality far beyond your kit's stock sounds.

Addictive Drums 2 E-Drums