Sub Liminal
XO Expansion

Sub Liminal

Hypnotic techno, dub & minimal beats and samples.

  • Hypnotic and meditative mix-ready, fully editable presets
  • Mix-ready, fully editable loops
  • 83 inspiring presets & 383 hand-crafted one-shot samples
What does an XOpak do?
XOpaks are editable beat & sample expansions for XO.
They contain handcrafted mix-ready beats & samples that can you use as is, or endlessly customize with your own samples and pattern variations.

Preset demos

Songs made with Sub Liminal

This XOpak is your VIP backdoor entrance to the sound of the underground techno club scene. Handcrafted by Berlin-based mastermind producer and sound designer ATEQ (Florian Lepa), it offers pure minimal techno and dub perfection, ready to spark inspiration and fuel your productions.

Raised in raves that - in true Berlin fashion - sometimes start on Friday and end on Monday, ATEQ knows clubbing is a marathon, not a sprint.

“pure minimal techno and dub perfection”

The same goes for his productions - it's hypnotic meditations on pummelling kick drums, textured snares, crisp hi-hats, and inspiring percussion, handcrafted and melded in pitch-perfect symbiosis.

"Sub Liminal" delivers transcending soundscapes paired with unique samples crafted from ATEQs organic and meticulous sound design process, where he lets his modular synthesizers and drum machines oscillate and blend into equally captivating and unique sounds.

Sub Liminal by ATEQ in XO
Artist bio


ATEQ's love for electronic music started at an early age when he discovered Jean-Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk. Ever since he's explored the artistic outer rims of music creation and sound design.

The Berlin native (real name Florian Lepa) is somewhat of a "best kept secret" of the German capital's influential underground electronic scene, playing clubs, and releasing music via his own label "Pale Product". If you know ATEQ, you know.

His singular mix of techno, dub, and minimal electronic music draped in hypnotic, cinematic soundscapes creates visual worlds for the listener. Lepa draws inspiration from his background as a visual artist and the interaction and synergies created in audiovisual mediums.

He constantly chases happy accidents, letting modular synthesizers and drum machines react with one another, capturing the controlled chaos and later sifting out the gold. "This way, nothing is ever the same, and I can always find inspiration," he concludes.


This expansion requires XO

XO is a beat-making plugin that makes sample browsing a creative part of the production process. The plugin allows you to organize and seamlessly explore your drum samples in a new and exciting way.

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