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Meet XO, your new source of endless inspiration.

XO by XLN Audio is an endless source of inspiration

With XO by XLN Audio, getting inspired and finding the perfect beat for your track is as easy as 1-2-3. Let’s go through the steps:

1. Just hit randomize

Explore XO’s vast library of mix ready presets. Just click “Randomize” until you hear a beat that inspires you and fits your track. Just hit Randomize to find a find the perfect beat

2. Explore infinite kit variations

Let XO suggest new kits based on similar sounds in your library. Stumble upon unexpected and awesome combinations - the perfect kit might be just a click away. Let XO suggest similar samples for your kit

3.Infinite happy accidents. Meticulous control.

Filter on exactly the sound you want to hear, and let XO automagically generate infinite new kit variations based on your selection. Filter on the type of sound you want: kicks, snares, percussion, effects, etc - or use in combination with filtering on frequency, length, drumminess (how much it sounds like an acoustic drum or not), or by individual sample packs. You can quickly create infinite variants of your beat for intros, outros, buildups, breakdowns, and drops. Filter the sample selection to discover unexpected happy accidents

Done! Now export with ease.

Whenever you hear something that inspires you, just drag & drop to export to your DAW or desktop. Forget manual bouncing and printing stems. Drag & drop your kit as raw or processed samples, your stems as wav, or the full beat as MIDI or wav with one click. Export with ease whenever you hear something you like

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