The Sound of Glam Rock

  • Ludwig Vistalite Kit
  • Two kick drums, tambourine and cowbell
  • Controllable room tone and tons of presets
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Audio demos

  • Soundtrade Studios
  • Soundtrade Studios
  • Soundtrade Studios
The studio

Soundtrade Studios


Recorded clean and clear in the large room at Soundtrade Studios in Stockholm, famed for its sheer size and great acoustics, with a range of additional presets which can be tweaked to get this kit sounding exactly how you like. Room tone captured on Neumann and Gefell mics in the live room can be blended in separately, allowing your sound to go from crisp and clean, to full on stadium ambiance.


Vintage Kit - Ludwig Vistalite

Let's be clear, at XLN we don't do things just for show, this Ludwig Vistalite kit sounds every bit as punchy and outrageous as it looks, but it doesn't hurt to throw in a little showbiz sometimes. Since 1972, vistalite kits like these have provided their thunderous, resonant attack to artists who knew that spectacle was a big part of the art. This Kit has full glam credentials. John Bonham, the legendary drummer from Led Zeppelin, was a big fan. David Bowie and Lou Reed both sang in front of a set. Keith Moon of the Who famously filled one of his with goldfish for one concert!

Add a second kick drum, a full set of Zildjian cymbals, a double steel tambourine and a cowbell, and you're ready to rock and roll!

Kit details

  • Vistalite
    Ludwig Vistalite 22x16"
  • Vistalite
    Ludwig Vistalite 24x16"
  • Vistalite
    Ludwig Vistalite 14x5"
  • Vintage Hihat
    Zildjian Vintage Hihat 15"
  • Double Steel
    Meinl Double Steel
  • Steel Bell Large
    Meinl Steel Bell Large
  • Vistalite
    Ludwig Vistalite 12x9"
  • Vistalite
    Ludwig Vistalite 13x10"
  • Vistalite
    Ludwig Vistalite 14x12"
  • Vistalite
    Ludwig Vistalite 16x16"
  • A Custom Crash
    Zildjian A Custom Crash 17"
  • A Thin Crash
    Zildjian A Thin Crash 18"
  • K Custom Dark Crash
    Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash 18"
  • K Constantinople Medium Ride
    Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Ride 22"
  • 22x16" Ludwig Vistalite
  • 24x16" Ludwig Vistalite
  • 14x5" Ludwig Vistalite
  • 12" Ludwig Vistalite
  • 13" Ludwig Vistalite
  • 14" Ludwig Vistalite
  • 16" Ludwig Vistalite
  • 15" Zildjian Vintage Hihat
  • 17" Zildjian A Custom Crash
  • 18" Zildjian A Thin Crash
  • 18" Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash
  • 22" Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Ride
  • Meinl Double Steel Tambourine
  • Meinl Steel Bell Large Cowbell